Wednesday, March 25, 2015

While picking berries in the forest on the morning of her 16th birthday, Princess Aurora serenaded the forest songbirds. As they flitted about alongside her, her feathered friends roused other woodland creatures, including a sleepy squirrel who, in turn, scurried down a tree branch and bumped into a roosting owl. Taking an unsuspected tumble, the startled raptor landed safely right in Aurora’s basket. With a few quick folds and snips, you can transform a sheet or two of decorative scrapbook paper into a handy basket for your child to carry and fill with flowers, pine cones, and other backyard finds.
Time: 25 minutes 
What You'll Need
Scrapbook paper (one 10- by 12-inch piece and four 12- by 1-inch strips)
Glue stick

How To Make It
  • 1
    Place the larger piece of scrapbook paper on a flat surface so that the shorter ends are at the top and bottom. Measure 7 inches from the left edge and use the pencil and ruler to lightly draw a vertical line at that point. Fold the paper so that the left edge rests on the pencil line and use the ruler to sharply crease the fold.
  • 2
    Unfold the paper and repeat step 1, this time starting from the right edge. Erase the pencil lines.
  • 3
    Next, fold the top and bottom of paper 3 inches from the edge.
  • 4
    Again, unfold the paper, and snip the four corners exactly as shown.
  • 5
    Now assemble the basket by folding and gluing together the three flaps at each end.
  • 6
    For a handle, glue two of the paper strips together back to back and then glue the ends to opposite sides of the basket.
  • 7
    Use the remaining two strips to trim the top of the basket and cover the handle ends.

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